Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor, Op. posth. 66
In the opening of Chopin's Fantasie-
Impromptu in C# Minor
, the bass's
leap of G# down to C# pulls us un-
der to deep blue watery depths
where lives a dark red spiral, spin-
ning out in epic proportions. The
force at its center spews out
smaller spirals, bubbling ten-
drils, tangling upon themselves
as they return to the gravity of
C#. The energy of the offshoots
builds up and a melody is born,
singing out the spiral's inner
song of orange, gold, and blue,
clashing in brilliant sparks. The
whorling red exhausts itself and
begins again from a single note.
This spiral grows and ascends now
to its apex. Its descent in columns
of light - shafts of violet, blue, and
green - emits lightning at each level.
Aurora now. Among the embers, all
that remains is the inner song, respiring
in calm, breaths of blue and indigo with
rainbow aura. The return to the center in-
vokes the whole process to begin again. As
it completes another cycle, beneath rushing
spiral sings the inner melody from underneath,
in muted blue and gold, glowing from leagues below.

–Ivy Zohra Adrian 2013